Australian Government Solicitor


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Environmental law  

Organisation chart

AGS organisational structure as at 21 March 2018

AGS is a group within the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department. See the department’s organisation chart PDF

Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department
Chris Moraitis PSM
The Australian Government Solicitor
Michael Kingston

AGS Chief Operating Officer
Louise Vardanega PSM


Office of General Counsel (OGC) AGS Dispute Resolution AGS Commercial

National Leader
Leo Hardiman

National Manager
Darryl Everett

Team Leaders 
Andrew Buckland (Constitutional litigation)
Genevieve Ebbeck (People, Security and Information)
Kathryn Graham (Energy, Environment and Regulation)
Bridget Gilmour-Walsh (Employment, Entitlements and Money)

Professional Leaders

Chief General Counsel
Guy Aitken QC

Deputy General Counsel
Leo Hardiman
Damian Page

National Leader
Matthew Blunn

National Managers
Jenny Anderson
Nerida Nelson

Team Leaders
Katrina Close (Civil regulation)
Justin Hyland (General administrative law)
Emily Nance (General administrative law)
Justin Davidson (Law enforcement)
Fiona Dempsey (Employment and entitlements)
Craig Rawson (Employment and entitlements)
Jane Lye (Tax)
Chris Behrens (Civil claims)
Louise Rafferty (Civil claims)

Professional Leaders

Chief Counsel Dispute Resolution
Tom Howe PSM QC

Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution
Simon Daley PSM

Deputy Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution
Paul Vermeesch

Special Counsel
Kim Bennett (Employment and entitlements)
Richard Harding (Employment and entitlements)
Catherine Leslie (Tax)
Matthew Walsh (Tax disputes)
Andrew Dillon (Employment and entitlements)
Andras Markus (General administrative law)
Glenn Owbridge PSM (Civil regulation)
Dale Watson (General administrative law)

Senior General Counsel
Tim Begbie
Andrew Berger
Peter Macliver
Damien O'Donovan

National Leader
Adrian Snooks

National Managers
Kenneth Eagle
Kathryn Grimes

Team Leaders
Mieke Dixon (Perth/Darwin)
Clare Derix (Canberra)
Garth Cooke (Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide)
Teresa Miraglia (Melbourne/Brisbane)

Professional Leaders

Chief Counsel Commercial
Bill Napier

Deputy Chief Counsel Commercial
Adrian Snooks
Cathy Reid

Deputy General Counsel Commercial
Tony Beal
Simon Konecny
Andrew Miles


Regional client relations and local leadership
AGS Sydney

Matthew Garey
AGS Melbourne

Katrina Close
AGS Brisbane

Jane Lye
AGS Perth

Peter Macliver
AGS Adelaide

Rodger Prince
AGS Hobart

David Wilson
AGS Darwin

Arelene Lowry


Cross practice services
Training Services
National Manager
Denise Saunders
Outpost Services
Client Outpost Manager
Fletcher Davis
Pro Bono Services
National Manager
Geetha nair
Library Services
National Manager
Yvonne Suter
Corporate Adviser
Paul Sykes


Specialist support services
AGS Client Services
National Manager
Liz Lajos
AGS Corporate Support Services
National Manager
Daryl Adam
AGS Financial Services
Chief Financial Officer
Stuart Rankin