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AGS is at the forefront of advising on the establishment and operation of major programs with a significant contracting component. We draft thousands of commercial documents each year, ranging from simple tenders and contracts for services, consultancies, and equipment, through to major capital acquisitions.

We help agencies scope the legal issues for their programs, identifying delivery options and undertaking risk assessments. We provide strategic procurement and program advice, including assistance with tendering and application documentation, ensuring our clients can procure goods and services at the best value for money.

In addition to drafting and negotiating contracts for specific transactions, we develop template documents for procurement, funding and leasing, either for general use or for use in specific programs.

  Paul Lang PSM RFD Deputy General Counsel Commercial 03 9242 1322
  Garth Cooke Senior Executive Lawyer 03 9242 1494
  Adrian Snooks National Leader Commercial 02 6253 7192
  Simon Konecny Deputy General Counsel Commercial 02 9581 7585
  Jim Sullivan Senior Executive Lawyer 02 9581 7418
  Kathryn Grimes Senior Executive Lawyer 02 6253 7513
  Helen Curtis Senior Executive Lawyer 02 6253 7036
  Andrew Miles Senior Executive Lawyer 02 6253 7100
  Cathy Reid PSM Deputy Chief Counsel Commercial 03 9242 1203
  Kenneth Eagle National Manager Commercial 03 9242 1290
  Teresa Miraglia Senior Executive Lawyer 03 9242 1493
  Kate Brophy Senior Lawyer 02 9581 7678
  Tony Beal Deputy General Counsel Commercial 02 6253 7231