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Media and communications

AGS has a strong background in media and communications law with legal issues in broadcasting and telecommunications, including interception, content classification, internet filtering, defamation and privacy.

We can advise you on the development and interpretation of communications legislation and on the issues that arise in the course of regulatory investigations. We also have a great deal of experience providing representation for regulators in courts and tribunals.

Examples of our work include advising on:

  • constitutional and other legal aspects of the development of the National Broadband Network project
  • the conduct of investigations and the exercise of regulatory powers in the areas of broadcasting and telecommunications
  • dealing with communications suppliers to government agencies, including procurement processes, negotiating commercial agreements, drafting agreements, property law services and commercial litigation
  • Spam, telemarketing and the Do Not Call Register
  • communications security and acceptable-use policies
  • communications-related consumer protection issues (cyberscamming, passing off and competition issues)
  • online transactions.

We can help ensure that our clients' policies comply with applicable legal requirements and that they provide appropriate protection against vicarious or ancillary liability for their employee's use of ICT facilities.

Gov 2.0 is a significant consideration for many agencies. Examples of AGS’s work in this area include advising on:

  • risks and risk mitigation strategies for Facebook pages
  • legal issues associated with interactive websites and discussion forums (for example, moderation of blogs) and appropriate terms of use
  • the implications of Web 2.0 for human resource practices – particularly the process of disciplining employees for inappropriate disclosure of information
  • inappropriate videos posted on YouTube and other internet sites and how to take action to have them removed
  • Creative Commons and open-source licensing models and open access to public sector information.

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