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Alternative dispute resolution

AGS can help minimise disputes and resolve them as quickly as possible by helping agencies to assess and manage emerging disputes, develop strategies for resolution and evaluate the prospects of settlement or resolution using alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR is an important option for expeditiously resolving disputes which otherwise might demand the resources of the courts to finalise, involving time, expense and consequent delay. AGS is acutely aware of the pre-eminence given to ADR in the Legal Service Directions and has vast experience in its use to resolve all types of disputes, including complex multi-party disputes with whole-of-Commonwealth implications.

As the government's key legal adviser we take pride in our role of helping agencies apply ADR within an operational context and in the inter-agency environment. We assist agencies to understand the legislative requirements, the government regimes that apply to resolving disputes and the statutory provisions that might bear on the scope of what can be agreed through ADR. We are highly-experienced in managing the issues that arise for agencies participating in ADR processes.

AGS also offers a wealth of training on ADR that is tailored for the Commonwealth public sector, including 'ADR and the Commonwealth' which was developed in collaboration with LEADR – and a number of our lawyers are accredited mediators.

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