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Royal commissions, inquiries

AGS has extensive experience in royal commissions, inquiries and inquests. Accordingly, we bring an impressive corporate memory to bear on the management of any new matter. We advise on appointments to conduct commissions, inquiries and inquests, the scope of powers that can be exercised and challenges to the exercise of powers including decision-making functions.

Our lawyers can appear at all stages of inquests, and can advise on the scope of coroners’ powers, the enforceability of inquest summonses, the admissibility of evidence in inquests and the prospects of review or challenge to such proceedings.

  Tom Howe PSM QC Chief Counsel Dispute Resolution 02 6253 7415
  Simon Daley PSM Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution 02 9581 7490
  Leo Hardiman Deputy Chief General Counsel 02 6253 7074