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Tied work

Tied work is non-contestable work which, pursuant to the Attorney-General’s Legal Services Directions, AGS and other tied providers are required to perform. Tied work includes work associated with the Constitution, Cabinet, national security and public international law.

AGS has unmatched knowledge and experience in performing this work. In particular, our lawyers work closely with the Attorney-General's Department and the Solicitor-General on matters that raise constitutional issues.

Constitutional matters

Our knowledge of constitutional issues has been of value when advising on major reforms including climate change, education and health.

We maintain a team of uniquely qualified and talented lawyers to conduct the Australian Government’s constitutional litigation. This work touches on essential and core aspects of Australia’s system of government, and often has enduring whole-of-government implications Accordingly, exceptional levels of legal expertise and central coordination are required

AGS also advises the Government on all submissions on constitutional law issues that are put to courts on behalf of Commonwealth agencies. This ensures that such submissions are accurate and apply Commonwealth constitutional policy consistently.

Constitutional issues are sometimes raised in the course of litigation or in the context of tax recovery and insolvency cases. AGS's knowledge of constitutional principles and ability to recognise and effectively deal with stalling tactics, ensure that such cases are progressed with the minimum of delay and expense.

National security

AGS works closely with the Attorney-General’s Department and security and law enforcement agencies to achieve successful outcomes in national security. We have a centrally-coordinated national security practice, which ensures consistency across our offices.

Our work includes assisting the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Federal Police with legal aspects of their support for prosecutions.

Public International Law

AGS works closely with AGD’s Office of International Law to provide expert advice to the Commonwealth on its obligations and rights under international law.


Constitutional matters

  Guy Aitken QC Chief General Counsel 02 6253 7084
  Leo Hardiman Deputy Chief General Counsel 02 6253 7074
  Damian Page Deputy Chief General Counsel (constitutional advice) 02 6253 7053
  Andrew Buckland Senior Executive Lawyer (constitutional litigation) 02 6253 7024

National security

  Guy Aitken QC Chief General Counsel 02 6253 7084
  Genevieve Ebbeck Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7080
  Paul Marshall Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7094
  Tom Howe PSM QC Chief Counsel Dispute Resolution 02 6253 7415
  Matthew Blunn Senior Executive Lawyer 02 6253 7424
  Tim Begbie Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7521
  Andrew Berger Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7405
  Kristy Alexander Senior Executive Lawyer 02 9581 7640
  Justine Knowles Senior Executive Lawyer 02 6253 7430

Public International Law

  Genevieve Ebbeck Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7080
  Robyn Briese Senior General Counsel 02 6253 7569