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Criminal law including justice and law enforcement services

AGS works closely with the Attorney-General's Department and security and law enforcement agencies to achieve successful outcomes in national security. We have a centrally-coordinated national security practice, which ensures consistency across our offices. Our work includes assisting the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Federal Police with legal aspects of their support for prosecutions. We have a large team of lawyers that conducts Customs prosecutions.

AGS's specialised and truly unique law enforcement and prosecution practice consists of over 20 lawyers nationally. Unlike any other law firm, through experience and secondments to client agencies, AGS understands the operational environment and legal needs of law enforcement agencies. AGS also understands the special need for consistent policy and practice in law enforcement and prosecutions.

AGS is at the forefront of security and intelligence work. We understand the importance of protecting information relating to national security, criminal investigations and investigative methods through public interest immunity claims. 

AGS has in-depth national experience in all areas touching on the investigation of Commonwealth offences and law enforcement. Examples of matters where AGS routinely advises and appears include, applications for or challenges to the validity of search and seizure warrants (whether under the Crimes Act 1914 or a specific act such as the Customs Act 1901), applications for identification evidence, records of interview, compulsory examination powers, powers of arrest, providing prima facie advices and advices on the elements of offences, advising on evidentiary issues with briefs of evidence and compliance with the requirements of Part 1C of the Crimes Act, and the sentencing of Federal Offenders. With lawyers experienced in the prosecution of Commonwealth offences available in each State and Territory, AGS also has the expertise in State criminal laws which apply to the prosecution of Commonwealth offences, including, bail, evidence and practice and procedure. In addition to the above, AGS has extensive experience in extradition, mutual assistance and dual criminality.

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