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Legal risk management and audit

We are involved in undertaking audits, compliance and risk assessments for agencies across a range of areas as part of their governance practices.

We undertake legal compliance audits and identify whether internal processes and procedures are consistent with enabling legislation, delegation/authorisation requirements, employment obligations and procurement obligations under the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

We are increasingly working with agencies to scope the legal issues for programs, identify delivery options and undertake risk assessments. Our fact sheet on establishing programs is designed to highlight key legal issues for consideration in program development and management. Those issues can range across constitutional, legislative, procurement, funding, liability management, employment, intergovernmental relations, work health and safety, privacy, intellectual property, technology and records management areas.

We can help with broader risk identification and management considerations. We have developed a range of legal risk management tools particularly related to contracting.

ANAO Better Practice Guide on Public Sector Audit Committees (August 2011) highlights that an important responsibility of Audit Committees is ensuring that the agency understands and is well informed about its legal and policy compliance obligations. We assist agencies to identify applicable laws and ensure that their policies and operations are conducted in accordance with those laws.

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