Beal, Tony

Deputy General Counsel Commercial

Tony is a recognised technology expert with extensive experience in major business and government initiatives. They mostly involve implementing new and complex technologies to deliver innovative programs that deliver citizens and businesses with convenient, trustworthy and user-friendly access to services, information and decision-making. With his strong multi-disciplined background across technology, infrastructure and finance, Tony understands the business dimension of projects and how to get the very best outcomes for clients. He has a comprehensive understanding of the technical dimension of projects and the ability to explain in simple terms how the technology shapes the legal and risk frameworks. He has detailed knowledge of private-sector approaches, risk tolerances and thinking, which may assist in the development and implementation of Commonwealth negotiation and risk allocation outcomes in commercial transactions.

He has long-standing expertise in assisting clients in bringing together all the elements that are necessary for major change to succeed. These include the design of fit-for-purpose legal and governance frameworks; effective processes for engagement with all levels of government, large and small businesses, and consumer and public advocacy stakeholders; proper technical, security, project and liability risk assessments and risk management; and a strong but principled approach to negotiations combined with the ability to devise creative solutions to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise in major projects.

Tony has been President of the Australian Society for Technology and the Law Inc. since 2006, is a past President of the Victorian Society for Computers and the Law, a committee member of the Australian Commercial Law Council, a Registered Tax Agent and is a life Member of Electronic Frontiers Australia. 

Relevant experience

Tony's relevant work includes:

  • data economy and analytics projects including the DHS Data Lake Project and the arrangements under which government personal tax data can be used for public benefit research purposes by universities, think tanks and other researchers
  • biometric and identity management projects including the Face Matching Service, the National Drivers’ Licence Facial Recognition solution, the Identity Verification Service and the MyGovID
  • advising on major communications infrastructure projects, satellite systems and space law.


Bachelor of Laws, University of Melbourne, 1982

Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne, 1981