Australian Government Solicitor No. 3


Michael Kingston

Welcome to the third issue of Australian Government Solicitor magazine.

This time we profile 2 of our professional leaders, our Chief General Counsel Guy Aitken QC and Chief Counsel Dispute Resolution Tom Howe PSM QC. As Commonwealth Queen's Counsel, their work has been recognised for its influence and excellence over many years, many cases and many matters.

We also asked former Chief General Counsel Robert Orr PSM QC if we could publish his excellent speech on the 25th anniversary of the Mabo decision that was so influential in recognising the native title rights of Indigenous Australians.

There was another anniversary this year and we are delighted that Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE GBS agreed that we could publish his reflections on the founding of the Federal Court of Australia 40 years ago.

In the legal core of the magazine, our lawyers have written useful articles on class actions, unconditional bank securities and technology-assisted discovery, as well as some very interesting case studies from each of our practices, showing a wide variety of work across the Commonwealth.

We think there is something of interest for every government lawyer in this issue.

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Michael Kingston
The Australian Government Solicitor


In this issue


Robert Orr PSM QC

On the 25th anniversary of the Mabo decision


A filming licence agreement with the ABC


Guy Aitken QC


New parliamentary resources framework


Tom Howe PSM QC


An inquest into the death of Ahmed Numan Haider

Recent trends in litigation – the rise of the class action against the Commonwealth


Increasing your chance of successfully calling on an unconditional bank security


Technology assisted review


Disqualified senators



Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE GBS

Creation of the Federal Court: A reflection



PFAS contamination on Commonwealth land

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Issue 3: 2017

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