Pocket Constitution

Australia's Constitution (pocket edition)

The pocket edition of Australia's Constitution is a handy reference for the public, students, researchers and legal practitioners.

The booklet includes an overview and notes by the Australian Government Solicitor. It is published jointly by AGS and the Parliamentary Education Office.

You can purchase copies from the Parliamentary Education Office.


Sawer's Constitution

Sawer's The Australian Constitution, 3rd edition

The third edition of Geoffrey Sawer's highly-regarded work on the Constitution has been prepared for publication by Australian Government Solicitor senior lawyers Guy Aitken and Robert Orr QC. The book provides a broad and fascinating overview of the genesis of our Constitution, of how it developed throughout the twentieth century, and of how it works today.

The book is designed to be a complete introduction to Australia's Constitution. It has maintained the lively spirit of earlier editions, and remains an accessible, general guide for students, citizens and others interested in learning about the foundations of the Australian system of government. It clearly draws together legal and historical themes, and importantly focuses on how the Constitution in practice impacts on the workings of the Australian political system and the Australian people. Commentary on current issues that have recently been subject to much debate, such as freedom of speech, constitutional change and native title, has been included.

The full text of the Constitution and related major constitutional materials are also reproduced. A comprehensive index has been prepared by the authors and includes references to the commentary, sections of the Constitution and the other foundational documents.

This book Is currently being updated and the 4th edition is due to be released in late 2020/early 2021.


Dennis Rose Book Cover

Without fear or favour: The life of Dennis John Rose AM QC

By Carmel Meiklejohn

Dennis Rose AM QC (1936–2008) was a broadly experienced government lawyer who ultimately became Australia's first Chief General Counsel. In that role, he was both confidant and adviser to Prime Ministers, Cabinet and Attorneys-General.

This account of his life in the law is quite inspirational in these pages that have been crafted with great expertise and obviously extensive research by author Carmel Meiklejohn. It is the story of a particular time that covers some momentous developments in our national story, told through the prisms of both the public and personal lives of one man.

The practice of government law is an often anonymous practice but, in this case, shedding that anonymity is important. Lifting the veil reveals the impact that this practice has on many aspects of the lives of contemporary Australians.

That Dennis was held in such bipartisan high regard is testament to his wisdom, his clarity of thinking, his dedication to the law and his great respect for the Australian Constitution.

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Soft cover $22 ISBN 978-0-646-95358-8


Negotiating the cloud

Negotiating the cloud – legal issues in cloud computing agreements

This Better Practice Guide is published by the Australian Government Information Management Organisation (AGIMO) in the Department of Finance and Deregulation. It was written and developed for AGIMO by Adrian Snooks, Senior Executive Lawyer at AGS, with contributions on privacy and dispute resolution from Andrew Schatz, Senior Lawyer at AGS.

Like cloud computing itself, cloud computing agreements appear in a wide variety of forms. These can range from simple standardised click-wrap agreements to multilayered sets of terms and conditions. There are, however, a core set of legal issues that agencies should consider in any cloud computing agreement, whether the agreement expressly deals with those issues or not.

The purpose of this Better Practice Guide is to assist agencies to navigate typical legal issues in cloud computing agreements. Some of these issues will be familiar to those who deal regularly with information technology contracts, but even in respect to those issues, the nature of cloud computing can create new or different risks and agencies may need to consider those issues afresh in the cloud computing context.

ISBN 978-1-922096-05-0 online


Opinions Vol 3

Opinions of the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Volume 3: 1923–45

This third volume is a further step in making publicly available a selection of past opinions of Commonwealth Attorneys-General, Solicitors-General and of the Attorney-General's Department. The period covered is from February 1923 to the end of the Second World War in 1945.

The first and second printed volumes published in 1981 and 1988 were selected and edited by staff of the Attorney-General's Department (primarily the area that is now part of AGS). The third volume is a combined project of the Australian Government Solicitor and the Attorney-General's Department.

Hard cover ISBN 978-0-646-90338-5 RRP $175

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Legal Opinions website brings together the content of all 3 volumes of selected opinions.