Express law No. 203

22 November 2013

Mobile privacy: A better practice guide for mobile app developers

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released a new guide – Mobile privacy: A better practice guide for mobile app developers.

How can the OAIC guide help you?

The guide is relevant to all organisations involved in developing, commissioning or distributing smart phone, tablet and other mobile applications (apps). Accordingly, it should be of assistance to agencies in raising awareness of app-related privacy requirements and best practice steps to help make your apps more privacy friendly.

The guide includes a checklist to help build privacy protections into your apps, and contains a list of resources to refer to if you need more information.

The guide is available on the OAIC website.

How can AGS assist with app-related legal, risk and compliance issues?

Did you know that there are over 100 separate legal agreements, licenses, term and conditions relating to the Apple and Android app development and app store distribution?

AGS can assist you at every step in the process of developing, commissioning, approving and launching apps and putting in place appropriate governance and continuous compliance arrangements.

To help get you started on understanding the app legal environment, AGS makes available the following free legal resources:

AGS podcast App Development Challenges for Commonwealth Agencies

AGS fact sheet App Development Legal Issues

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