Express law No. 48

1 December 2006

Cessation of the Endorsed Supplier Arrangement

are no longer restricted in acquiring major office machines
(MOM) and information communications technology
(ICT) goods and services from endorsed suppliers.

Australian Government Endorsed Supplier Arrangement (ESA)
ceased operation on 29 November 2006 as a result
of an announcement by Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck,
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance
and Administration, revoking the mandatory use of endorsed
suppliers for the provision of ICT and MOM goods and
services to the Australian Government.

Existing ICT
and MOM endorsed suppliers have become members of a new
ICT Multi Use List administered
by the Department
of Finance and Administration, however use of this
list is not mandatory.

Effect on requests for tender
and other procurement processes

Approaches to the market
in preparation

Agencies preparing requests for tender
and other documentation to be used in approaches to the
market should ensure
that they do not contain any condition for
participation or
other requirement that tenderers be an endorsed

The ICT Multi Use List provides an opportunity
for suppliers to state their credentials
and for agencies
to identify
suitable suppliers. Agencies may also use
the list for select tender processes.

Approaches to the
market that have been released

Where an
agency has released an approach to the market that includes
a requirement that tenderers
must be
an endorsed supplier either at the time
of submission of
their tender
or prior to contract, the agency will need
to consider the appropriate course of action
it should take.

As a matter of process, one of the most
important considerations will be compliance
with the
Commonwealth Procurement
Guidelines, particularly in terms of
obtaining value for money. Accordingly,
if the nature of the services is such
that it is likely that greater value for money
will be
by cancelling
the approach to the market process, then
it would be in the public interest to
do so. However,
if an assessment
is made which suggests that there would
be little
or no
significant change in value for money
by cancelling and re-issuing the approach
to the market or
if significant costs have been incurred
by the suppliers
and the
agency, then it may be contrary to the
public interest to cancel
and re-issue the approach to the market.
This is a matter
which would have to be assessed on a
case by case basis depending on the circumstances
each case.

If an agency has a preferred
supplier who was not ESA endorsed, and was therefore
excluded from the
the agency should approach the ESA
contact at the Department of Finance and Administration
for assistance
in facilitating

Where an approach to the
market has not yet closed, agencies should immediately
an addendum to remove
any endorsed supplier requirements.
would be an appropriate course of
action to take
even where
agency is still
in the process of considering whether
the process should be cancelled.

form of addendum suggested by the Department of Finance
and Administration
is contained
in the advice
to procurement
officers issued by Finance on 29
November 2006 (see attached).

on financial, insurance and guarantee requirements

should note that they can no longer rely on the ESA
to ensure
levels of insurance
are in
place with suppliers that were
endorsed.1 Any requirement
an agency has with
respect to minimum
levels or to guarantees or
financial undertakings must be
included in documentation and
related contracts when making an
approach to the market.

on contract management

Agencies should review existing
contracts to identify what
action may be necessary
as a
result of the
cessation of
the ESA. For example, contracts
that contain a requirement
that the contractor
at all times
be an endorsed
supplier should be amended
so that the contractor
is not in
because it is no longer
possible for them to comply with this

For further information please contact:

Elizabeth Pulle
Australian Government Solicitor
T 02 6253 7535 F 02 6253 7306

Tony Beal
Senior Executive Lawyer
Australian Government Solicitor
T 02 6253 7231 F 02 6253 7306

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  1. Existing endorsed suppliers are permitted to use
    the ESA logo and promote the fact of their endorsement
    the end of 2007, but the obligations under the former
    ESA Head Agreement ceased on 29 November 2006.

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