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Attorney-General officially opens new AGS headquarters

On Tuesday 4 February 2014 in Canberra, the Attorney-General Senator the Hon George Brandis QC opened the new national headquarters of AGS at 4 National Circuit, Barton.

The Attorney spoke of his career and long association with AGS, including as instructing solicitors before he entered politics. He spoke of the skill and professional excellence that AGS possesses and that it is the largest collection of public lawyers in Australia – and the largest repository of knowledge and experience in the practice of public law in the country.

He went on to say that AGS has always impressed him with a very high standard of professionalism among its staff, being centrally involved in matters that not only challenge that professionalism in the most demanding way, but are also of high importance to the Australian people.

Senator Brandis finished by acknowledging his respect for what AGS does and the professionalism with which it is done and officially declared open the new premises.