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Kathryn Graham appointed General Counsel for Australian Signals Directorate

OGC's Team Leader of the Energy, Environment and Regulation team, Kathryn Graham, has been appointed General Counsel for the Australian Signals Directorate. She will start there in March 2019.

Kathryn has worked with AGS's Office of General Counsel (OGC) for 24 years and is a highly respected government lawyer, with particular expertise in advising on the scope of Commonwealth legislative power and the executive power, government finance, environmental law, water law and Commonwealth regulatory schemes.

She has taken the lead in providing advice on constitutional risk on spending proposals to a range of clients and received an AGS Australia Day award in 2013 as part of the Williams Risk Assessments team.

On her departure, AGS's Chief General Counsel Guy Aitken QC said of Kathryn, 'You have had a brilliant career with OGC. Always enthusiastic, always intellectually engaged, between public finance and natural resources you have expertise in a wide range of matters – expertise that will be sorely missed.'

The new Team Leader of the Energy, Environment and Regulation team in OGC is Senior General Counsel Sacha Moran. Sacha brings to the role substantial experience and expertise in resources and energy law – including 3 years on part-time outpost to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and 12 months as that department's General Counsel – constitutional law, statutory interpretation and legislative development.

Sacha has extensive experience in a wide range of areas of law including administrative law, corporations law, public governance and Commonwealth financial law, spending 2 years as legal counsel to the Treasury. He looks forward to taking up the reins as team leader.