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Recent developments in administrative law in the US and Australia

This seminar will look at recent developments in administrative law in the United States and Australia and compare and contrast the approaches taken in these jurisdictions. The speakers at this event will be Judge Jeffery Sutton of the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Justice Annabelle Bennett AO of the Federal Court of Australia, the Commonwealth Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson SC and AGS’s Chief General Counsel Guy Aitken.

Please join us for this event in Canberra on Tuesday 15 March 2016 by registering using this form.

Administrative law defines the extent of the powers and responsibilities held by administrative agencies of government. Government agency action can include rule-making, adjudication or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda. With its roots in the common law and, in Australia, the guarantee in s75(v) of the Constitution, administrative law has gathered an increasing statutory overlay in the past 4 decades. These statutory developments have recast the relationship between citizen and government. They have established a framework in which individuals have been given legal rights to challenge government decisions and scrutinise government processes.