Tough conversations about poor performance

Who should attend

Managers who want to develop their ability to tackle underperformance and HR Managers who provide support to managers.


Many managers despair at the prospect of starting another performance cycle in the knowledge that many of the performance issues identified at the end of the last cycle could still linger at year's end. In this forum we explore how to structure performance-related conversations to arrive at a decisive point: improved performance or the end of the road.

During the session we explore 6 reasons why employees fail to perform to expectations, 4 critical conversations that lead to improved performance or underperformance management action, and a whole range of ways to apply the performance framework.

We will discuss real-life examples to reassure you that everyone finds performance management tough. We will provide some practical advice and an opportunity for discussion with your peers.


Our presenters are AGS lawyers who have a great depth of knowledge of the government environment and who practise extensively in the areas of employment law.


1.5 hours scheduled for either am or pm. Refreshments will be provided at each seminar.


Standard fee – $220 (inclusive of GST) per person. No more than 20 people will be accepted on each course, and courses will only be conducted if we receive sufficient nominations.