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Commercial law training module

Scoping – statement of requirements

Who should attend

This course has been designed for Commonwealth employees responsible for procurement, specifically those involved in articulating their agency's business requirements (deliverables, essential requirements, specifications etc) in documentation issued to the market.

The issue

It is a common problem in Commonwealth procurement, highlighted in ANAO reports, for the Statement of Requirements (SOR) or Statement of Work (SOW) issued to market to be inadequately or poorly scoped. The SOR/SOW should contain a complete description of the agency's business/operational/technical requirements for the procurement, consistent with the Mandatory Procurement Procedures. If the SOR/SOW is inadequately or poorly scoped then the procurement is inevitably compromised to some extent even before the RFT/RFP is issued. A deficient or defective SOR/SOW may lead to the RFT/RFP being withdrawn or re-issued (once the SOR/SOW is reworked) or the agency facing significant difficulties in subsequent phases (tender evaluation, contract negotiation, contract management) of the procurement such that the optimum value for money outcome is not achieved. There will also be reputational damage to the agency.

Course outline

In this half-day course we will discuss:

  • scoping the requirements for the procurement of both goods and services, including for simple and complex or strategic procurements
  • resourcing the procurement
  • consulting with stakeholders
  • identifying the requirements
  • planning the procurement
  • identifying and managing procurement risks.

The discussion of these elements will include how to structure a Statement of Work / Statement of Requirements and how to structure specifications.


Participants will gain a better understanding of how to effectively articulate their agency's business requirements in documentation issued to the market such that tender responses and/or proposals are better informed and the Commonwealth therefore achieves value for money outcomes.


Our presenters are experienced lawyers from AGS Commercial who have a great depth of knowledge and experience of the government environment and specialise in procurement, probity and contract management advice.


This half-day course is conducted either from 9 am – 12.30 pm or from 1.30 – 5 pm. Morning/afternoon tea will be provided.


Standard fee – $600 (inclusive of GST).

No more than 20 people will be accepted on each course and courses will only be conducted if we receive sufficient nominations.