How algorithms are shaping legal practice

26 November 2021

As algorithms become more commonplace in society, it’s now more important than ever for legal practitioners to understand their use and limitations.

We recently delivered a seminar to inform more than 800 of our clients on how algorithms can be used to exercise legal powers.

The session’s presenters – Dr William Bateman from the Australian National University (ANU) and Dr Lachlan McCalman from the Gradient Institute – de-mystified the technical nature of algorithmic decision-systems. They also explained how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will likely be used in future legal contexts.

This event was the first in a series of sessions (known as the LawTech Seminar Series) that focuses on legal and technical developments arising from the use of AI.

We’re delivering the LawTech Seminar series in partnership with the ANU’s College of Law, and in association with the Gradient Institute.

Future sessions will focus on machine learning, digital assets, social media and blockchain.

Register now

AGS clients can now register for the next LawTech Seminar, planned for early next year.

By registering, you can also access a video recording of the first seminar.