Service of documents

COVID-19: Effecting service electronically

AGS has established an e-service email address that can be used for service of originating processes on the Commonwealth or naming the Attorney-General or Minister for Industrial Relations, or personally as performing functions in these Ministerial roles:

This platform has been established to remove the need for people to attend an AGS office to serve originating documents, consistent with the Government’s directions to practise social distancing. The service is not able to be used for the service of any court documents, including subpoenas, other than originating processes. The service is also not for use by parties to litigation in which AGS is the solicitor on the record. Documents to be served by parties in existing proceedings in which AGS is the solicitor on the record should continue to be served in the usual way, electronically, on the responsible AGS solicitor.

When an originating process is delivered to, an automatic response will be sent advising that service cannot be taken to have been effected until formal confirmation is received from AGS that service has been accepted.

AGS will review the documents and a formal email confirmation will be sent to advise when service has been accepted. The timing of AGS’s response may depend on the nature of the documents being served. Acceptance of service will, for the purpose of any limitation period, be assessed as at the date AGS receives an originating process at

If you have questions about this service, please contact Meredith Allen at

Personal service can still be effected if you do not have access to email. Please call the relevant local contact below to make an appointment to attend one of our offices. Office numbers will divert to mobile where required:

Canberra: Matthew Blunn – 02 6253 7424
Adelaide: Nerida Nelson – 08 8205 4230
Brisbane: Jane Lye – 07 3360 5736
Darwin: Nerida Nelson – 08 8205 4230
Hobart: David Wilson – 03 6210 2101
Melbourne: Katrina Close – 03 9242 1230
Perth: Peter Macliver – 08 9268 1100
Sydney: Kristy Alexander – 02 9581 7640


Service of originating process on the Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations

AGS is directed by the Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations to accept service on his behalf of the originating process in any suit that names him in his capacity as the Attorney-General or the Minister for Industrial Relations, or that names him personally in relation to the performance of his functions as the Attorney-General or the Minister for Industrial Relations. For service to be effected in that regard, the originating process must be delivered personally to an AGS lawyer who is the Director of an AGS Office or a Senior Executive Lawyer or, in the case of the Hobart AGS Office or the Darwin AGS Office, a Senior Lawyer.

AGS office locations appear on the following link.