AGS provides a range of publications to assist clients, other Australian Government lawyers, researchers, academics, students and the public.

Express Law

Express law is a subscription email service that provides quick legal updates on court decisions or other legal developments that may impact on particular matters, the way you conduct business or policy planning. Express law is provided as an early, interim view for general information only.

Last week in Parliament

Last week in Parliament is a subscription email service produced following each Parliamentary sitting week. It summarises key events in the Commonwealth Parliament in the previous week and includes links to the most significant documents.


Commercial notes keeps you informed on significant developments in commercial law. The commentary is prepared by AGS Commercial lawyers and covers areas such as competitive tendering and contracting, corporate governance, property and construction, environment, international, technology and intellectual property law.

Legal briefing provides concise information on significant legal developments. Each issue usually covers a single topic, written by lawyers with specialist expertise, providing valuable information and advice to Australian Government clients, State courts and tribunals, State government departments and libraries. Prior to issue 33, the newsletter was titled Legal Practice Briefing.

Litigation notes helps you to stay informed on current and developing litigation in key cases in Australia. While most issues focus on matters before the High Court, there is also coverage on cases in the Federal Court and other courts and tribunals. Results of judgments and appeals are reported, as are trends and other points of special interest in Commonwealth litigation.

Information Law Update brings you the latest developments in FOI and Privacy law for the public sector.

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Fact sheets

Fact sheets are produced on key areas of law applying to Australian Government agencies.

Other publications

Our general publications are of interest to the public, students, researchers, public servants and legal practitioners:


The Australian Constitution pocket edition

The pocket edition of Australia's Constitution is a handy reference for the public, students, researchers and legal practitioners. The booklet includes an overview and notes by the Australian Government Solicitor. It is published jointly by AGS and the Parliamentary Education Office.

You can purchase copies from the Parliamentary Education Office.

Sawer's The Australian Constitution

This book is currently being updated and the 4th edition is due to be released in 2021.

The book is designed to be a complete introduction to Australia's Constitution. It has maintained the lively spirit of earlier editions, and remains an accessible, general guide for students, citizens and others interested in learning about the foundations of the Australian system of government. It clearly draws together legal and historical themes, and importantly focuses on how the Constitution in practice impacts on the workings of the Australian political system and the Australian people. Commentary on current issues that have recently been subject to much debate, such as freedom of speech, constitutional change and native title, has been included.

Corporate publications