AGS hosts informative and engaging updates across the country for Australian Government employees.

These free events are held regularly in various capital cities and provide an opportunity to learn more about current and emerging government legal issues.

Upcoming events

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Details of events will be provided 4 weeks before the event date.


AGD/ANU LawTech seminar series

We have partnered with the Australian National University’s College of Law (ANU), in association with the Gradient Institute, to deliver a seminar series on law and artificial intelligence. The series introduces legal and technical developments arising from the use of artificial intelligence in government, legal institutions and parts of the private sector of relevance to government entities.

Civil Regulator Update

These sessions allow regulators to meet and engage on common legal questions arising for them, and share insights on significant enforcement issues for regulatory agencies. 

Employment Update

For lawyers and HR practitioners alike, these regular sessions bring interested professionals together to discuss emerging issues and developments in employment law.

FOI & Privacy Practitioners Update

Held regularly for more than 20 years, these sessions bring FOI contact officers from across the Commonwealth together to discuss matters of current interest relating to the operation of the FOI Act and to raise issues and concerns.

Government Law Group seminars

Presented by AGS and agency experts, these sessions are held several times a year and cover topical subjects across various areas of law.


Contact us to find out more or to express interest in a future event.