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Training videos

Training videos available to help accrue CPD points

AGS is again delighted in 2020 to offer our clients a range of training videos to assist you to learn more about specific topics in short segments at times that suit you. They are accessible through either a desktop computer or mobile device. Read more

ANU Public Law Weekend 2019

AGS major sponsor of the ANU Public Law Weekend 2019

On 1 November 2019, a number of AGS lawyers attended the ANU Public Law Weekend 2019: Technology, public law and public administration. AGS was the major sponsor of the event which was presented by the Centre for International and Public Law. Read more

Publications and updates

New publications and updates

During October, we released a number of new publications and updates. In case you missed some of them in your inbox, we’ve put together a summary to keep you updated. Read more

Events coming soon

Training courses in 2020
2020 Law Forums


Express law 285 – Aboriginal Australians are not within the reach of the ‘aliens’ power conferred by s 51(xix) of the Constitution: Love v Commonwealth; Thoms v Commonwealth [2020] HCA
Legal briefing 113 – After the election – what happens? (6 May 2019)
Fact sheet No. 37 – Execution clauses (February 2019)
Ligitation notes No. 30 – This issue contains notes on the High Court's decisions in cases concerning the implied freedom of communication from 2017 to 2019 (29 November 2019)
Litigation notes No. 29 – This issue contains notes on selected constitutional cases decided between 2017 and 2019 (29 November 2019)
Last week in Parliament – Issue 100 (10–13 February 2020)
Legal Opinions