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Issue Details
May 2022 After the election – what happens?
April 2022 The Personal Property Securities Act
March 2022 Execution solutions for remote working arrangements
December 2021 Misconduct in the Australian Public Service
December 2021

Information Law (FOI and Privacy)

June 2021 Legal professional privilege and the government
December 2020 Ruling the waves – regulating Australia’s offshore waters
November 2020 Misfeasance in public office
October 2020 Dealing effectively with unsatisfactory performance in the Australian Public Service
May 2019 After the election – what happens?
February 2019 Commonwealth grants: an overview of legal issues
November 2016 Proportionate liability
August 2017 Interacting with parliamentary committees
May 2017 Novation and assignment of contracts
July 2015 Duties to the court
May 2015 Indemnities in Commonwealth contracting
February 2014 Legislative Instruments Act 2003
February 2014 Legislative instruments – issues in design
August 2013 Human rights in Commonwealth policy development and decision-making
March 2013 Planning for Commonwealth construction and fit-out projects
June 2012 Parliamentary privilege

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