Outpost services

AGS is committed to providing outstanding outpost services across the whole of government. Since 2010 we have provided more than 550 outposts across more than 70 government agencies.

Whether your requirement is for assistance with a particular project, such as the development of new legislation, or an ongoing requirement, such as support for your in-house team, we will endeavour to provide you with the appropriate expertise and level of support you require – up to General Counsel level. We are always happy to discuss with you creative ways to meet your legal needs, including part-time outposts, inposts or combinations of both.

Our clients benefit from having not only the right person for the project or role, but also the full expertise and skillset of AGS working seamlessly to support them in delivering outcomes. The capacity to draw upon authoritative constitutional advice, unrivalled expertise in complex statutory interpretation and legislative development and our deep experience in commercial law and dispute resolution for government sets our people apart.

Our whole-of-government understanding, and real-time visibility of best practice across the Commonwealth means our people are best-placed to assist your team in resolving issues around the development and implementation of your project. As part of government ourselves, we have a unique understanding of the context in which you operate and combine that with our unmatched government law experience supported by our opinions database that includes all significant legal opinions given to the Commonwealth since Federation, ensuring our advice is both strategic and workable and consistent across government.

We are flexible in responding to our clients' needs. AGS can find the right person or assemble the right team, all of whom are grounded in a culture of collaborative achievement. Our outposted lawyers have worked seamlessly with in-house legal teams on many of the Commonwealth's most challenging and complex matters.

AGS does not merely assert that we have a deep understanding of our clients – we live that every day. Almost all of our lawyers have significant outpost experience in both shorter and longer-term engagements, often with a range of different agencies. It is mandatory for our graduate lawyers to have an outpost rotation. Whoever you work with at AGS will understand the unique pressures within which your agency operates.

We stay connected to and support our lawyers working off-site. They have access to the full suite of AGS research tools and continuing professional development while they are on outpost. Our longstanding commitment to providing outpost services to our clients means we have the operational protocols to ensure our people can always deliver the best service for their clients, whatever the context, or challenges involved.