Information and communications technology


Supit, Jane

Director AGS Sydney and Senior Executive Lawyer

Hilton, Stuart

Senior Executive Lawyer

AGS has unrivalled expertise in understanding the subtle differences in approach needed to successfully deploy technology within government. We are solutions-oriented and provide strategic advice throughout the process of acquiring and managing information and communications technology projects within the frameworks, policies and rigours unique to government.

Drawing on broad experience of the commercial and corporate sectors, and across many technology and business disciplines, our national team of experts understands both the technology you want to implement and the commercial imperatives that need to be met to provide the best outcome.

With experience across a range of agencies and across different types of technology and telecommunications products, vendors and solutions, we are also expert in leading negotiation of major technology projects with industry (in both legal and lead negotiation roles).

We provide practical and strategic advice around best practice for agencies and projects of all shapes and sizes. From the simplest issue through to the most ambitious and complex project, AGS has the right people to provide the solution you need.

We have great experience in working collaboratively with commercial and technical teams, consultants and other advisers to navigate the complexities of technology change management within and across agencies, and on a whole-of-government basis.

We deal with complex and cutting-edge technologies in the defence and national security space. We also provide support across government with emerging and game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometrics and identity management, high-performance computing, big data, cloud technology, cutting-edge communications technologies and the space industry.

Understanding the need to manage change, we know how to successfully communicate with a broad range of stakeholders, including the public, large and small businesses, and all tiers of government to ensure your project's success. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in briefing agency executives, steering committees and ministers on key issues, and providing authoritative advice and recommendations on the most complex of issues.

Our key people have a unique understanding of the national security dimensions of technology and have security clearance at the highest levels.

We help you achieve much more than just your technology outcomes.