Rowling, Zita

Senior Executive Lawyer

AGS has an extensive national practice specialising in Commonwealth debt-recovery. We have local experience operating in all relevant courts and tribunals across all regional jurisdictions in Australia. Whatever the scale or scope of your debt-recovery issue, we have the right experience in the right place.

What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of the legislative, financial and policy frameworks within which our clients operate that are unique to government. We understand the scrutiny – internal and external – to which Commonwealth debt-recovery actions can be subjected.

Our innate cultural understanding and lived experience of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and Legal Services Directions 2017, as well as various specific statutory regimes under which Commonwealth debts can arise, means our advice and conduct will withstand the most robust public, administrative and judicial assessments.

We understand that the Commonwealth as a creditor must achieve excellent commercial outcomes while complying with its own internal rules. That is a context unique to government and one that is culturally understood by AGS.

AGS advises and acts for numerous agencies in this area, so we are able to provide strategic insights on the most efficient, cost-effective and best-practice strategies implemented across the whole of government.

With high-volume work, we have developed standardised processes which result in both cost and time efficiencies, as does our ability to appear as solicitor–advocate where appropriate.

With whole-of-government experience across the full spectrum of debt-recovery issues for the Commonwealth, AGS will provide you with up-front pragmatic advice to enable defensible and achievable recovery outcomes.