Lenagh-Maguire, Niamh

Senior Executive Lawyer

Constitutional Litigation Unit

Niamh leads AGS’s Constitutional Litigation Unit (CLU) within AGS’s Office of General Counsel and has been a member of the unit since 2011. In this capacity, she primarily conducts litigation on behalf of the government, principally in the High Court, defending the validity of Commonwealth laws and intervening in cases raising constitutional issues. She also provides advice on constitutional law, legislative development and statutory interpretation.

In 2020–2021 Niamh was Counsel Assisting the Solicitor-General of the Commonwealth. She has undertaken outposts to Safe Work Australia and the then Department of the Environment.

Niamh joined AGS as a graduate in 2008 and worked in the Government Unit from 2009 to 2011, where she provided advice on constitutional, legislative and statutory interpretation issues in a range of contexts, including environmental and migration law. She was also part of the AGS team that drafted the Murray Darling Basin Plan.