McGowan, Nicky

Senior Executive Lawyer

Nicky practises in Commonwealth workers' compensation, military compensation and veterans’ entitlements. She has represented Comcare, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Defence, the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission and Australia Post in matters before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Cth), and on review to the Federal and High Courts of Australia. Nicky has also represented agencies in administrative law appeals and conducted her own advocacy in some applications for review before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Cth).

Nicky acted twice as General Counsel for Comcare, where she managed the Legal Services Group. She also acted as an in house advocate for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

She is renowned for her excellence in client relationship management and assisting clients in managing their legal services and contractual arrangements with AGS. She is currently the Client Service Manager for both Comcare and IP Australia.

Recent experience

Nicky’s recent experience includes:

  • acting for Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (MRCC) in BVFM and MRCC (2016/2488)
  • recently appeared as in house counsel in Brian Blandthorn and MRCC (2019/2374 and 2017/5269), David Pudney v Repatriation Commission (2016/3805), Lisa Topic and MRCC (2016/6547), Keith Johnson and Repatriation Commission (2016/4222)
  • acting for Comcare in Vladimir Zivanovic and Comcare (2016/4553, 2017/7356 and 2017/7357), Jo Pascoe and Comcare (2019/1456)
  • acting for Comcare in secure Commonwealth workers compensation applications
  • supervision and mentoring of AGS compensation practitioners nationally.


Bachelor of Laws, University of Melbourne, 1990

Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne, 1989


AGS Australia Day Award for service to Comcare as their General Counsel, 2014

Certificate of Completion College of Law’s Legal Practice Management Course 2013 (NSW)

AGS Australia Day Award for expertise in compensation cases and client service, 2004

Leadership Course (The looking glass experience) Melbourne Business School Mt Eliza, 2003 (VIC)