McNeilly, Tara

Senior General Counsel

Tara is highly regarded by clients as one of our most senior lawyers in the fields of information access, administrative law and statutory interpretation. She has been with AGS for over 20 years and has undertaken both litigation and advising roles, providing detailed oral and written advice on all aspects of information access law, statutory interpretation, legislative development and statutory decision-making.

She has worked on a broad range of projects with Commonwealth agencies, including designing and implementing new legislation, preparing privacy impact assessments and undertaking risk assessments. She has also performed outposted client counsel roles in various agencies.

As part of her focus on assisting clients to understand the practical implications of legal obligations, Tara has designed and conducted training courses on core issues for information access (including privacy, freedom of information, archives and secrecy provisions), statutory interpretation and legal advice writing. She also regularly delivers presentations on key areas of interest to information access and administrative law practitioners.