AGS lawyer Liam Boyle takes out prestigious legal research prize

Photos of Leslie Zines and Liam Boyle

AGS lawyer Liam Boyle takes out prestigious legal research prize

Liam Boyle’s hard work has paid off, with his essay, ‘The Significant Role of the Australia Acts in Australian Public Law’ earning him the 2020 Zines Prize for Excellence in Legal Research.

Liam’s essay, which was also published in the Federal Law Review, delves into the influence of the Australia Act 1986 (Cth) and the Australia Act 1986 (UK) on constitutional law.

Named after one of Australia’s foremost legal scholars in the late Professor Leslie Zines, the annual Prize was first established in 2010 to honour his work, legacy and also recognise, encourage and reward excellence in legal scholarship.

Upon hearing he had eclipsed what was sure to be an incredibly strong field to win the Prize, Liam was delighted.

‘I feel profoundly privileged to receive this prize,’ he said.

‘The scholarship in Federal Law Review is consistently of the highest calibre.’

After growing up in England, Liam studied constitutional law as part of his undergraduate degree at the University of Technology Sydney. The essay was based on his LLM (Master of Law) dissertation at the University of Cambridge. Liam has worked at AGS since 2013 and is currently outposted to Treasury assisting their General Counsel.

This year’s Zines Prize Judging Panel comprised Professor Andrew Harding, Professor Janet McLean, Professor Richard Albert and Professor Rosalind Dixon.

Liam has been interviewed by the ANU College of Law and the article can be found on their website.