New advice templates

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New advice templates

AGS has developed new advice templates, in both memorandum and email form. We have worked with the Plain English Foundation, which has expertise in the science of how people read and digest written information.

The review of our templates was prompted by feedback received in our client satisfaction survey.

The new templates have a number of features which improve the presentation of our advice to make it more accessible and generally easier to read and act upon. For example, advice in the new format will:

  • provide clients with the answer at the beginning of the email or memo, in a form that can be forwarded directly to other relevant officers in the client agency
  • use short, analytical headings, which capture the reasoning supporting the advice
  • provide information in order of importance, with, for example, background material and assumptions appearing last.

We have tested the design with a number of our clients and received favourable feedback.

All AGS lawyers are being trained in the use of the new templates and clients can expect to see our advices in this new form over the coming weeks as lawyers are trained.

We would welcome feedback on the templates and hope that clients find them a positive change.