PGPA Act for officials of corporate Commonwealth entities

The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act
2013 (PGPA Act) and Rules commenced on 1 July 2014.

Who should attend

This session is designed to introduce officials of 'corporate Commonwealth entities' (former CAC Act authorities) to the major features of the framework established by the PGPA Act and Rules.

Course outline

This training is designed to give staff of CAC Act authorities some practical, easy-to-digest help in understanding the system and their obligations and accountabilities under it – with a deeper focus on the elements of the system relevant to the entry of contracts and other agreements and the spending of money.


Participants will learn about:

  • the duties imposed on all officials by the PGPA Act
  • the general duties imposed on 'accountable authorities' (ie Boards) and how these are relevant to all officials
    other issues of significance to corporate Commonwealth entities in the PGPA Act
  • new and updated guidance and other policy developments related to procurement and other contracts.


Our presenters are senior lawyers who have had extensive experience of legislative development, machinery of government and statutory interpretation.


This is a 2.5-hours course delivered online. This course offers 2 CPD points.


Standard fee – $330 (inclusive of GST) per person. No more than 20 people will be accepted on each course and courses will only be conducted if we receive sufficient nominations.