Area 5: Litigation specialisation

Services here generally relate to specific litigation, disputes and proceedings that require expertise in large-scale, routine, and/or complex dispute resolution processes. This area of law includes expertise in litigation or dispute resolution processes; routine litigation in large-scale or high-volume matters; complex or unusual legal and/or factual issues, such as historical claims or international disputes; significant expenditure; and the need for a large, multidisciplinary and/or administratively efficient legal team because of multiple parties, volume of evidence, length of proceedings or numerous interlocutory stages. Such matters may include class actions, royal commissions or public inquiries.

Large-scale and sensitive litigation is not a boutique sideline for AGS. It is core business and we deal every day with its complexities, challenges and nuances to ensure our clients achieve a whole-of-government, strategic outcome.

Large-scale and sensitive government litigation have their own unique issues and challenges, and frequently require a whole-of-government approach and understanding. AGS is best-placed to provide this service.

We are able to strategically identify issues and, using our extensive contacts across government, obtain real-time responses to such issues in a time-critical environment. Our whole-of-government understanding means we know who to call, when to call them and how to achieve the outcomes you require.

We will always act in the best long-term interests of government.

We also have an embedded cultural understanding of issues around privilege and public interest immunity. AGS has been present at almost all important cases concerning the development of law around privilege and public interest immunity. Our understanding of these issues is deep and always informs our strategic advice.

As we have been involved in most recent royal commissions in different capacities, we bring significant learning from our experience. Our shared knowledge enables us to see all sides and perspectives in complex, multi-party litigation.

Our outstanding Legal Services Technology team has significant experience in designing and managing large-scale electronic databases for Commonwealth clients. Our discovery analytics tools provide cost-efficient client outcomes with real-time document visibility.

Our senior legal staff have appropriate high-level security clearances enabling AGS to deal with classified information, including Cabinet and national security issues, seamlessly. Our document management systems sit within the government Protected network and all our staff maintain a minimum Baseline clearance. We can also communicate across higher clearance networks when required.

Where necessary, we will brief our specialist in-house counsel who have spent their careers developing close working relationships with key Commonwealth agencies and have unrivalled expertise in the relevant legal areas. Our close and trusted relationships with in-house counsel provide real time and cost efficiencies.

AGS is experienced in dealing with the public, political and media scrutiny that often accompanies these matters. We use that experience to sensitively manage clients and to assist in preparing strategic public responses where appropriate. Where international law issues arise, AGS has excellent working relationships with the Office of International Law and can seamlessly liaise with them on your behalf.

We are a part of government. We will never use our strategic insights or information gathered against the best interests of government in future matters.


Daley PSM, Simon

Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution

Close, Katrina

Deputy Chief Solicitor and Director Melbourne office

Civil regulation