Cooke, Garth

Deputy General Counsel Commercial

Eagle, Kenneth

Deputy General Counsel Commercial

AGS has unrivalled governance experience in establishing Commonwealth entities. We provide expert advice on the legal, policy and commercial drivers underpinning the establishment of government legal entities. We have a core cultural alignment to all accountability frameworks of the Commonwealth.

We have a deep understanding of all relevant approvals required, the need for managed stakeholder consultations, and the political and reputational nuances that are the contextual background to the formation of all new entities. We provide timely, practical, strategic and informed advice on all of these areas.

We advise on all aspects of Commonwealth corporate governance. We work collegially with our clients, their advisers and consultants to ensure a tailored corporate model that is more than fit-for-purpose and can withstand the highest levels of scrutiny. We are intrinsically familiar with the processes and expectations of the Australian National Audit Office and can, where necessary, seamlessly access expert constitutional advice.

Our corporate memory in this area is second to none. AGS assisted in drafting the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Clients benefit from our whole-of-government precedential resources and lived experience. This is core business for AGS.

We have examined complex governance and probity issues multiple times across numerous agencies so are able to efficiently provide cost-effective and timely advice. Our solutions are always consistent with real-time best practice from across the Commonwealth.

A deep understanding of government probity issues is in our DNA. We have worked more frequently and innovatively for the Commonwealth in developing tailored procurement solutions than any other provider. We will work with you to achieve the best outcomes and value for the Commonwealth. Our procurement models will engage whole-of-government best practice, be commercially innovative and always be robustly defensible.

Our probity expertise can assist you in designing frameworks for major government programs and investments through to assisting agencies to manage individual procurements and grant programs. We can also manage conflict of interest issues and monitor evaluation processes from a probity perspective.

AGS works with clients to get the best market outcomes. We are experts in designing cutting-edge procurement models that can withstand internal and external scrutiny.