Dispute resolution and litigation (Area 4)


Close, Katrina

Deputy Chief Solicitor and Director Melbourne

Civil regulation

AGS has unrivalled experience and corporate memory in resolving contentious property issues for the Commonwealth. Our understanding and cultural alignment with government means we can guide agencies through the aspects of property litigation unique to the Commonwealth.

Our connections and access across the whole of government mean we are able to obtain the right information, after asking the right questions, to strategically resolve matters in a manner that is robustly defensible, and accords with government tolerances. We are never culturally or commercially conflicted when acting in the best long-term interests of government.

AGS handles the most complex Commonwealth property disputes with an unrivalled history of successfully managing land acquisition matters.

Our work across agencies means we can manage claims where multiple stakeholders might be involved and identify any whole-of-government issues where they arise. We have expertise in every jurisdiction. Whatever your contentious property matter, we can assemble the right team on the ground. This is particularly important to our clients where culturally sensitive, local experience is required to best resolve a matter.

As experts in alternative dispute resolution, we will always advise on the best way to avoid costly litigation where possible. Our aim is always to work in the best interests of the Commonwealth. We will never be commercially enticed to pursue litigation where there is a more expeditious outcome available.

AGS is uniquely skilled in handling the challenges unique to government litigation. Clients benefit from our unrivalled opinions database. In matters involving large claim groups, we have outstanding document management and analysis capabilities. We have the national resources and local capability to appropriately scale our response to your contentious matter in the most cost-effective manner.