Buchanan, Louise

Senior Executive Lawyer

Civil Claims
Gill, Emma

Senior Executive Lawyer

Civil claims

AGS has unrivalled experience as adviser to the Commonwealth and its agencies in all areas of compensation, damages and personal injury, and all tort-related issues.

We are experts at managing large or complex claims, with great breadth and depth of experience in class actions and large cohort claims. Our difference? We bring a truly whole-of-government understanding to our clients.

We understand how different agencies interact and how best to facilitate that interaction. Our lived understanding of how agencies operate at all levels means we can effectively manage and strategically advise key stakeholders throughout the process.

Understanding the difficulties faced by government agencies as defendants, we are attuned to political sensitivities and the ongoing scrutiny of government. Our deep commitment to the model litigant principles means our advice will always be strategic, stress-tested by the most up-to-date thinking and always defensible.

We think the best disputes are the ones you don't have. We advise you on legal risk management and the potential liability for future tort-based claims. We can assist in remedial strategies, where appropriate, to avoid protracted litigation.

We understand the importance of early resolution of claims where possible and have the expertise and experience to support our clients in this priority. We are proactive in helping agencies apply alternative dispute resolution (ADR) within an operational context and in the inter-agency environment. We assist agencies to understand the legislative requirements, the government regimes that apply to resolving disputes and the statutory provisions that might bear on the scope of what can be agreed through ADR.

No other provider can offer all relevant services in this area. Combined with our unique ability to offer a whole-of-government understanding and approach – we facilitate the best-possible client outcomes.

We have acted in a vast range of Comcover claims, from claims which are able to be resolved quickly, through to the full defence of high-profile claims, as well as difficult legal issues such as misfeasance and other torts.

For over 40 years, we have acted for the Commonwealth and its agencies in dust diseases claims. We have a thorough understanding of the unique legal and practical issues that attach to the efficient, timely and cost-effective management of Commonwealth asbestos-related claims that arise many years after the initial exposure.

Our lawyers have extensive experience across a vast range of matters, including claims (litigated and unlitigated matters) arising from:

  • personal injury
  • defamation and reputational damage
  • false imprisonment
  • misfeasance
  • interferences with proprietary, contractual and possessory rights
  • general negligence.