AGS major sponsor of the ANU Public Law Weekend 2019

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AGS major sponsor of the ANU Public Law Weekend 2019

On 1 November 2019, a number of AGS lawyers attended the ANU Public Law Weekend 2019: Technology, public law and public administration. AGS was the major sponsor of the event which was presented by the Centre for International and Public Law.

The conference brought together 'legal scholars, computer scientists, government legal advisers and public sector integrity experts to discuss the unique set of challenges automation and AI present to liberal democratic governments, administration and public law'.

The conference incorporated panels covering the following topics:

  • technology and the rule of law
  • automating discretionary decision-making: technical, legal and policy dimensions
  • technology at scale in public life: social security and surveillance
  • tech innovations in the public sector: promises and challenges. 

The diversity and expertise of the speakers made it a unique program and there were wide-ranging discussions about the opportunities and possibilities of artificial intelligence and automation but also the challenges facing governments, the tech sector and the public as these technologies develop. 

AGS recognises the key impact and possibilities AI and technology will play in the future and by sponsoring events like these shows our interest and commitment to keeping up with technologies and advances and we move into the future.