Andras Markus wins award

Andras Markus wins Excellence in Government Legal Service Award

At the NSW Law Society's Government Solicitors' Conference on 10 September 2014, AGS's Special Counsel Litigation Andras Markus of AGS Sydney was awarded the Excellence in Government Legal Service Award.

Andras was recognised for his outstanding contribution to government legal service, the public interest and the Australian community by handling the most significant Commonwealth administrative law matters, providing expert guidance to the highest level of Commonwealth officials in matters in the public arena, mentoring and supervising other lawyers and acting as an exemplary government lawyer and model litigant role model during this last year and for over the previous 30 years of his time at AGS.

The award recognised that Andras has appeared as advocate in more than 29 reported cases in 11 different courts and tribunals and has represented over 25 different Commonwealth parties. Many references from members of the judiciary testified to the high degree of regard in which many judges and members hold him.

Client references spoke of his noteworthy responsiveness, professionalism, sound judgment and commitment to providing excellent client services.