Constitutional Law Forum 2017

Hyatt Hotel Canberra | Friday 17 November 2017 | 9 am – 5 pm

Every government lawyer and policy maker needs to be able to understand and work with our foundational document to effectively implement the Government's policy and legislative agenda.

This forum will focus on a range of constitutional issues commonly confronted by agencies in the context of delivering government outcomes. It will also include discussion of recent High Court decisions and bring attendees up to date on the important developments in constitutional law of the past 2 years.

AGS has brought together an outstanding panel of experts for this forum, including:

  • Senator The Hon George Brandis QC Commonwealth Attorney-General
  • Dr Stephen Donaghue QC Commonwealth Solicitor-General
  • Meredith Leigh Second Parliamentary Counsel Office of Parliamentary Counsel
  • Guy Aitken QC Chief General Counsel, AGS
  • Associate Professor Amelia Simpson Australian National University
  • Leo Hardiman Deputy General Counsel, AGS
  • Damian Page Deputy General Counsel AGS
  • Kathryn Graham Senior General Counsel, AGS
  • Andrew Buckland Senior Executive Lawyer, AGS

To view full forum details please see our flyer.

There is a registration fee for this forum (see page 3).