What happens after the election? Helpful advice for APS staff

17 June 2022

Following last month’s Federal Election, the APS is now undergoing significant administrative rearrangements of ministers, departments, and Australian Public Service employees and other Commonwealth officials.

To help APS staff better understand the impact of these administrative rearrangements, AGS has released a Legal briefing that provides useful advice on what happens after an election.

The Legal briefing assists those affected by administrative rearrangements to better understand the constitutional and statutory framework for those rearrangements and to successfully implement them.

It also outlines the impact that the prorogation of the Parliament and the dissolution of the House of Representatives has on particular parliamentary business.

Key topics covered in the briefing include:

  • Administrative Arrangements Order
  • Terms and conditions of employment following a rearrangement
  • Appointment and termination of appointment of secretaries
  • References to ministers and departments in legislation
  • Delegations and authorisations
  • Availability of appropriations.

The Legal briefing, After the election – what happens? is available for free from the AGS website.