AGS Deputy Chief General Counsel awarded Public Service Medal

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AGS Deputy Chief General Counsel awarded Public Service Medal

Leo Hardiman’s outstanding work has been formally recognised in the Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List, after earning a Public Service Medal ‘for outstanding public service through the provision of legal services to the Commonwealth.’

Continuing on a proud tradition of AGS lawyers receiving this prestigious award in recent times, including Cathy Reid and Hilary Manson in 2019, Leo is a worthy recipient.

Governor-General David Hurley lauded the inspirational contributions made by the 933 outstanding Australians on the Honours List.

‘In this list we see all the positives that are in our community — we see the great ideas, we see the hard-work, we see the love and compassion for fellow human beings.’

‘It’s a microcosm of Australia.’

Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department, Chris Moraitis PSM was resounding in his praise of Leo’s accomplishment, sharing his congratulatory remarks in an email sent to Departmental staff.

‘Leo’s commitment to providing outstanding legal services has guided the Commonwealth through many complex issues over the last 30 years.’

‘Leo’s expertise extends to the most complex constitutional and statutory interpretation matters relating to the machinery of government, taxation law, information law, communications law, the interaction between the parliamentary and executive arms of government, and the Australian Government’s public governance and accountability framework.’

Work in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest example of Leo’s contribution to the development of Australia’s policies and programs, both through his individual efforts as one of the Commonwealth’s most senior lawyers and through marshalling the combined talents of AGS lawyers.