Murray-Darling basin plan

Water plan now law

Australia now has a single plan for managing water in the Murray–Darling Basin following significant work by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities and AGS.

On Thursday 22 November, Environment Minister the Hon Tony Burke MP signed the Murray–Darling Basin Plan into law, witnessed by the Prime Minister.

The AGS drafting team was led by James Graham and, for some time, Camilla Webster, and included Andrew Chapman, Rebecca Eldred, Niamh Lenagh-Maguire Michael O'Rourke, Marlowe Thompson and Phill White. They were supported by Robert Orr PSM QC, Robyn Briese, Jenny Francis, Alice Kingsland, Helen Neville, and consultant Megan Dyson.

AGS also assisted with the development of the Water Act 2007 under which the plan is made.