Over 1,200 people register for AGD/ANU LawTech seminar

25 March 2022

AGS recently hosted the highly anticipated second session of the AGD/ANU LawTech Seminar Series.

Presented by Dr Will Bateman from the ANU and Andrew Chapman from AGS’s Office of General Counsel, the seminar focused on regulating the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation in public sector decision-making.

During the session, Dr Bateman explained and analysed current and future legislative models that government agencies may consider when exploring the use of algorithms to assist with administrative decision-making.

He explored the challenges associated with deploying these algorithms while seeking to ensure decisions are made properly and in the most efficient manner. Dr Bateman and Andrew Chapman used this analysis as a springboard for discussing how administrative and public law doctrines that apply to governments might be impacted by automated programs and algorithmic decision-making.

More than 1,200 clients registered for session 2, which was a significant increase of 400 registrations from the first session in November last year.

About the seminar series

The Seminar Series is part of an ongoing partnership between the Attorney-General’s Department and ANU. It allows us to draw on academic experts to provide tailored advice on issues faced by government agencies.

The first seminar covered how algorithms can be used to exercise legal powers. The presenters, Dr William Bateman and Dr Lachlan McCalman from the Gradient Institute, explained the technicalities of algorithmic decision-making systems and considered how AI might be used in future legal contexts.

Register now

Australian Government employees can now register for the LawTech Seminar Series. By registering, you can access video recordings of past sessions and will receive information about future sessions.