Dispute resolution and litigation (Area 3)


Gill, Emma

Senior Executive Lawyer

Civil claims
Close, Katrina

Deputy Chief Solicitor and Director Melbourne office

Civil regulation

We only act for government. We are the experts at managing Commonwealth disputes in a government context.

What sets AGS apart is our intrinsic knowledge of how government works, and how to achieve timely and robust legal outcomes within that framework. Our access to key decision-makers across government means we can drive the dispute resolution process efficiently and expeditiously. AGS is part of government, and we know government like no other provider.

Our work across numerous agencies means we appreciate the demands facing in-house legal teams. We are used to working with you collaboratively. We understand your priorities, management and the strategic outcomes you require. We are highly skilled at obtaining the right documents across government because we understand the broader context in which government disputes take place. We are able to ask the right questions because our corporate knowledge of government is second to none.

We are the authoritative experts in managing all privilege issues unique to government, and have done so at the highest and most sensitive levels. We have excellent working relationships within the Office of Legal Services Coordination.

Every practitioner who has contact with your matter will have relevant and lived experience of government litigation. Government is not a side business for us – it is what we do every day.

Where necessary, we can seamlessly leverage the expertise of government legal specialists in diverse areas including judicial review, freedom of information, protection of information and national security issues. We are a national team. Across all jurisdictions, we can immediately have the right people with the right skill set to manage your dispute and to achieve the best possible outcome.

As experts in alternative dispute resolution, we will work to avoid protracted litigation where possible. And we are culturally aligned to the model litigant principles.