Express law No. 202

20 November 2013

New Federal Court guide to the Individual Docket System

On 14 November 2013 the Federal Court of Australia published the Guide to Individual Docket System in the original jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Australia.


The guide provides information to assist parties and their lawyers to conduct a proceeding in the Court in a way that is consistent with the overarching purpose of civil practice and procedure and, in particular, a way that enables it to be dealt with according to law as quickly, inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

The guide should be read in conjunction with the practice notes issued by the Chief Justice of the Court, particularly Practice Note CM 1, and the obligations imposed by sections 37M and 37N of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 in relation to the conduct of proceedings in the Court.

The guide is primarily aimed at civil cases (other than appeals) being managed in a docket; however, some parts apply more generally.

The topics covered by the guide include:

  • return date
  • interlocutory applications
  • directions hearings and case management conferences
  • consent orders
  • urgent applications
  • communications with chambers
  • practice notes and administrative notices.

The guide is available on the Federal Court website.

The practice notes issued by the Chief Justice are also on the Federal Court website.

Another useful tool is the Law Council of Australia's Case Management Handbook.

For further information please contact:

Tom Howe QC
Chief Counsel Dispute Resolution
T 02 6253 7415

Simon Daley PSM
Chief Solicitor Dispute Resolution
T 02 9581 7490

Matthew Blunn
National Group Leader Dispute Resolution
T 02 6253 7424

Jane Lye
Senior Executive Lawyer
T 07 3360 5736

Emily Nance
Senior Executive Lawyer
T 03 9242 1316

Peter Macliver
Senior General Counsel
T 08 9268 1100

Nerida Nelson
National Group Manager Dispute Resolution
T 08 8205 4230

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