Cooke, Garth

Deputy General Counsel Commercial

Supit, Jane

Director AGS Sydney and Senior Executive Lawyer

Eagle, Kenneth

Deputy General Counsel Commercial


Procurement is core business for us. It's what we do every day. We have well-established methodologies to ensure your procurement arrangements of all types and sizes are fit for purpose and function efficiently in a whole-of-government framework.

AGS brings an unrivalled whole-of-government understanding to all its procurement and tendering services. We understand what is workable, practical and operationally sound because we understand how different agencies do business, what works and what doesn't.

We have been at the forefront advising on the establishment of major programs with significant procurement, tendering and contacting components. We scope legal issues, nominate delivery options and identify risk. We help ensure that goods and services are procured for the best possible value because of our strategic approach to tendering and application documentation.

Because we provide advice to Finance and other agencies on Commonwealth procurement rules, our client solutions are always informed by a real-time, contextual understanding of government.

AGS was at the forefront of developing the Commonwealth contracting suite, as well as assisting with the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018. Because we are always at the forefront of new procurement policy development, we are able to stress-test our advice and anticipate any potential issues.

We ensure our clients are privy to the most up-to-date thinking and processes of the Commonwealth entities they will be dealing with. Because AGS deals with these entities in so many contexts, we can provide real value to our clients through our strategic insights.

All our senior commercial practitioners have extensive experience in advising on procurement and tender evaluation with a unique understanding of probity and confidentiality issues. We will provide documents that practically translate government policy requirements and are easy to understand by tenderers and contractors alike.

We provide advice to major Commonwealth clients on innovative and non-traditional approaches to procurement. We are able to balance cutting-edge commercial approaches to procurement with a strategic understanding of probity requirements specific to government.

Working collegially with our clients, we give timely, strategic advice which ensures smooth back-end completion. Many of our practitioners have been embedded with key clients – we want to understand you at both a strategic and granular level so we can best achieve your outcomes. We know the right questions to ask at an early stage in the process because we know and understand how government works.